Having simple maintenance tasks is one of the primary advantages you get with flat roofs. However, this also means that they frequently need more routine maintenance compared to a pitched roof. This is particularly true during the spring season, where fast fluctuating temperatures and heavy water flows put a lot of stress on the whole roof system.  


Though you might be able to handle a couple of small repairs to your flat roof, it’s vital to hire an expert to examine your roof and discover all the damage and handle all needed repairs.  

If you are planning to have a roof repair in Perpignan, it’s best you understand the importance of spring maintenance for flat roofs. 


Being able to utilize your flat roof as an extension of your living area is one of the best things about having a flat roof. A flat roof can be the best deck space for chilling and grilling when summer comes. This is particularly in cities where porches and balconies aren’t always common. 

However, you can improve the wear and tear that the roof experiences if you use it this way. This is why it is always vital to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof in the spring. 

Drainage Issues 

Pooling water is one of the most popular issues homeowners face with their flat roofs. This is a specific problem with old roofs. However, even newly installed roofs can have drainage issues that result in water pooling around for longer than it should.  

The drainage system is usually the reason for this. Twigs and leaves can create obstacles that catch gravel and dirt as debris is washed into the drain pipes. This stops or slows the drainage process. If the water takes time to drain, there’s a higher possibility that it will bring more debris down the pipe. If left ignored, a minor clog can result in huge issues.  

On a couple of occasions, you might be able to unclog your drain by yourself by getting rid of the drain cover and getting rid of the dirt. However, you will perhaps require to have your drain snaked if this does not work. This will help get rid of the blockage and allow the water to flow through.  

Winter and Flat Roof 

If you’re living in an area with a freezing climate, you know that winters aren’t great for your home. Between the thawing and freezing, the depredations of animals and birds, the fallen branches, and the heavy snowfalls, there’s an extremely high possibility that the membrane of your roofing has endured some damage. Even a high-quality flat roof is vulnerable to minor holes and tears. They can result in severe leaks and other water-damage related issues if you simply ignore them.  

Flat roof houses have become very popular in a lot of countries since they offer your home extra living space and trendy look. Aside from that, they are extremely easy to maintain. Make sure you know how to maintain your flat roof to ensure you get the most out of it.