Things to Look for in a Roof Estimate

When you want to install a new roof, you will definitely require an estimate. However, what if you simply require a minor repair? For those who don’t know, a roof repair estimate is a bit different compared to a new roof installation in Clermont-Ferrand (puy de dome) estimate, whether your roof is simply seeing a bit wear, a tree fell on the roof, or you had a little wind damage.

Today, we are going to talk about things you should look for in a roof repair estimate.

Payment Plan

The roof repair estimate needs to include details about the payment plan. The way you pay will differ in the size of the roof repair task. Typically, bigger tasks will need an upfront payment, then the rest of the payment is made after the job is done. All roofers set up their payment plans a bit differently. However, as a rule of thumb, you should not pay 100% until the job is done.

Proof of License

You should only hire a professional contractor or roofer who has the right license. The roof repair estimate needs to include details about the license of the contractor or the roofer and will show what they’re licensed to do and where they will be able to do it. You can run into insurance issues in the future if they are not licensed in your area. You will probably run into issues with the quality of the job if they are not licensed at all.

Removal and Cleanup of Construction Debris

Fixing a roof can be a messy job. There are shingles and nails everywhere once the task is done. It does not matter if you only need a minor repair. A roof repair estimate needs to include how the roofer plans to get rid of any remaining construction debris or clean up the yard after the task is complete. You’ve got to ensure this is included in the estimate. You do not want to do the cleanup yourself.

Required Permits

A roofer is in charge of getting the required permits for the roof repair. The estimate needs to include what these permits are and how much they cost. You can always double-check the permits with the website of your area building code office if the permit costs appear high.

Estimated Labor

The roofer will not always be able to offer you an accurate labor cost since this is still an estimate. It may change once the contractor is able to understand the complete extent of the roof damage. However, there should be details about this on your estimate. Roofers usually charge a particular amount per hour of labor.

The estimate needs to show a warranty on the labor. You can always ask the roofer if it does not include it. A warranty on labor will protect you if something happens in the future. A roofer can fix that issue for free if it is covered in the warranty. Thus, it can save you money in the long run.